Monday, July 26, 2010

magical music monday.

i love music.  i love good music.  i love bad music.  i love when it makes me laugh and i love when it makes me cry.  and today was one of those magical music days.

so it started out with john mayer.  i've never been a big john "look at my O face" mayer fan, but today his song Say came on during my drive to work and it just hit home.

so then, as i was nearly in tears, i switched radio stations and immediately broke out into the biggest grin.  why?  phil freakin' collins and genesis.  

are you jamming with me yet?!  and with that i'm ready to tackle monday at the office!  i flip on pandora - which i've recently discovered is not blocked by the firm's firewall.  my station of choice lately has been edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros.

now, like i said, i love music.  and there is nothing more frustrating than a song being stuck in your head and not knowing what it is.  well, my friends, last summer i heard this funky song and i was obsessed with it.  except for the fact i knew one line and for the life of me, couldn't find the song with google.  fail.  so for a year now, the song would drift in and out of my head at the most random times.  

so, i'm plugging away at work when all of a sudden a song catches my attention.  could it be?  is it she?  yes, yes, yes....the song that has been haunting me for a year was playing!!!  and i'm sure everyone knows this song, and could have told me what it was in two seconds.  but i feel so victorious today, and no one can take that away from me!

so here it is:  Walking on a Dream by Empire of the Sun (link to actual video)

this song will forever remind me of tonka on the perfect summer night - dancing with friends as the boat flies across the water.  bliss.

happy monday!!

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