Monday, February 2, 2015

When You Just Have to Shake It Off

My face turned bright red, not once, but twice last week. And not because I was busting my butt in the gym. No instead, this was the red the comes straight from embarrassment.

On Monday, school started back up and apparently I forgot to put my professor filter back on after winter break. One of my student's medical device buzzed, and in an effort to make her feel at ease, I started telling them the story of when I was going through security at the airport and my electric toothbrush started buzzing. I should have left it there, but I had to go one step further and well, before you know it, my face was turning bright red as I realized I inadvertently was comparing a buzzing electronic toothbrush to another device that vibrates. Foot in mouth. I backpedaled as fast as I could but the damage was done. Let's get back on topic, huh? Oh boy.

And then, on Thursday, I was moving furniture around on in the space I manage so I turned on the tunes to keep me company. Well, as the beginning strains of Uptown Funk started to float, not quietly I might add, through the space, I realized my boss was having a private meeting in the library...where the music was playing. You guys. I uptown funk'd my boss in a meeting. He grinned when he told me but man, whoops. Note to self: make sure the other channels are off before blasting Bruno.

So yeah. That all happened last week. Foot in mouth. Burning cheeks. Embarrassed. But what can you do but shake it off and move on! Here's to a new week!


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Yes You Can

So, ClassPass. I simply cannot stop talking about it. But in one month, it honestly has transformed the way I exercise. But more than that, it has gotten in to my brain. 

 Every class, no matter if it's barre, or core, or yoga, I've heard the instructors use those magic words: " Yes, you can."

The first time I heard the instructor say that, I grimaced. Yeah right. This class will kill me. My legs are shaking, my body is quaking, and I'm literally going to drown in my own sweat. I can't.

But then, I hear words that just might be true. "Your mind will give out long before your body will. Yes, you can." 

And a funny thing happens. I close my eyes, I dig deep, and I begin to believe.

I believe that I can. 

In one month, I've been to 14 classes through ClassPass. I've hit at least 4 different studios for barre classes, experienced my first hot yoga class, and braved a megaformer. In my life, I have never been this excited about working out.

And I can. My body really is stronger than my mind. I can work through shaky legs, and sweat in my eyes, to power through and finish the class. I'm losing those pesky extra pounds and I feel better about my body. I'm making my health a priority and I'm actually enjoying it.

I am so grateful ClassPass reached out to me and gifted me a complimentary month. And because I've loved it, I'm in - I signed up for another month. 

Now I'm challenging you. Do you believe in you? Because I do. If I can do it, you can do it. 

Yes, I can. And yes, you can.

If you want in on ClassPass, I'd be honored if you'd use my referral link. With it, you can skip the waitlist in your city and start rockin' it at all your favorite classes. 


Sidenote: (I'm all about sidenotes. Just ask my students. Sigh.) We just watched The Judge, and it was so good. I feel a little typical when I enjoy a lawyer movie, but this one had me feeling the feelings. Add it to your list if you haven't seen it yet. 
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