Thursday, April 19, 2012


I am obsessed with this picture.  I found it on Pinterest but can't find the original source.  Look at the eyelashes.  Lovely.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Project Sneak Peek.

Last week's date night had me craving a little more arts and crafts in my life.  Here's a quick project sneak peek:
Yes, I do like to start one project, and then promptly begin another while paint is drying.  Who doesn't?!  Anyway, details to come!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Equal Pay Day.

It's Equal Pay Day 2012.  The day when women make as much as men did in 2011.  It just happens to take us four more months.  Educate yourself.

Even Ryan Gosling believes in Equal Pay Day.  Via Huffington Post.

Date Night: Color Me Mine.

K and I love date night.  Once a week, we like to do something special, just the two of us.  Last week was rough school-wise.  I had a couple papers due and this huge project for clinic that is draining all of my energy.  By Friday, I was needing a little therapy.  For me, ceramics has always brought a sense of calm to my chaotic life.  

Without time to find a wheel, off we headed to Color Me Mine!  K was a trooper, especially since there was a birthday party and little munchkins everywhere!  We picked out a couple things for our upcoming kitchen update.  K chose to paint salt and pepper shakers; I picked out a spoon holder for the stovetop.

In a week, they'll be ready for pick up!  Easy as pie.  

Do you need a creative outlet now and then?  What do you do?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Crave: Anthropologie Mini Latte Bowls

This weekend, I met a friend for dinner and drinks at Cooper.  I had some time so I dropped into Anthropologie for a little inspiration shopping.  I just love the colors and ideas that the store exudes - perfect inspiration.  My house is pretty dark right now - or as K says, all brown.  Don't blame a girl for loving neutrals! 

But this year, my goal is to start incorporating color and lightening the place up!  We have big plans for the kitchen, including a touch of my favorite color.  A blue-green shade that I can hardly describe since it gets me giddy inside.  Pantone's 317C is close.  

Anyway, as I'm browsing Anthro, I see the cutest little latte cups.  And I mean little.  Like palm-sized.  At $2.50 a piece, I couldn't resist.  I figure I'll use one in the bedroom and one in the kitchen for my jewelry.  I love them!

Mine are the color of the bottom left two in the picture below.  If I'm not careful, I just might collect a whole set!

What are you craving right now?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lazy Sundays.

Some Sundays are just meant to lounge around.  And that's exactly what we've done today.  A quick trip out included a run to Best Buy to buy a new computer since mine decided it was done with me and to grab lunch and then we've hunkered down.  Less than a month and law school will be over.  Until then, homework homework homework!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Macy's Flower Show

For me, a sure sign of spring is Macy's Flower Show.  Each year, the 8th Floor Auditorium is completely transformed into a sweet-smelling flower extravaganza.  This year the theme was Brasilia.  

 Flower toucan!
 Gorgeous flowers.

 A pond!
The place was crawling with the white-hair biddies.

What's your sure sign of spring?!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend.

We headed up to the cabin for Easter.  This was technically moving weekend!  Most of the big things are done with the cabin so we started emptying the storage unit.  I can hardly believe the progress on the place!  This summer is going to be unreal.

Here is  lovely picture of us taking a lunch break from moving and unpacking.  Looking good in our Hack sweatshirts!  

Easter was a bit different this year.  Usually we spend it with more of our family, but this year we were all in different places.  Spence and Mo were in Kansas celebrating with Mo's family.  I can't wait to see them both in a month!!  But my mama reminded me that our Easter's weren't always spent together. Over the years, we've had some incredible Easters - Sunrise service with the Dodgers in Florida, Spanish mass in Puerta Vallarta, etc.  But there were many years that Spence was gone on baseball trips, or I was in Carolina for Easter.  

So the moral of my rambling story is that even though we were separated this Easter, doesn't mean the love wasn't there.  We hope you had a wonderful Easter, wherever you spent the holiday this year!

Happy Spring!

Crave: Summer Shandy.

It's Shandy Season.  This billboard went up this week in Minneapolis!  Nothing gets me more excited for summer than shandy season.  Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy is a refreshing lemonade-y beer and perfect for those hot summer nights!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


This is Stella.  At least, that is who I imagine her to be.  When you walk into Stella's Fish Cafe in Uptown, she greets you.  You know you are in for a treat.  And when you leave, that is how you feel:  full, happy, and ready to frolic in the park.  

I only wish I could be Stella everyday.  Moderation, Al, moderation.
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