Thursday, April 28, 2016

Currently 4.28.16

This past year has been an absolute whirlwind. I look back and wish I had blogged a bit more to really capture all the changes that we went through as a little family. Oh well, thank goodness for Instagram, right? 

But, I'm committed to keeping my little corner of the interwebs up and running, even if it means posting fewer and farther between. So, with that, here's what I'm currently up to:

READING // The NightingaleThe Widow, The Paris Architect. Up next: Big Magic and Surprised by Motherhood.

LISTENING TO // The soothing sounds of my breast pump...

EATING // Breakfast cookies! These are saving me when I wake up famished in the middle of the night. I'll post the recipe soon.

THANKFUL // For the opportunity to take maternity leave but...

PLANNING // My return to work. I have an amazing gig going and I can't wait to dive back into it.

LOVING // My little man and being a mama. 

WORKING ON // Our house. We have a couple projects left to finish up including the kitchen, our bedroom, and the upstairs bathroom. Then I'm officially calling it done. Because really, what kind of insane person remodels their house while pregnant and on maternity leave?!

NEEDING // My CLE credits since my law license is up for renewal this summer. 

DREAMING OF // Sleep. 

WATCHING // I still can't get enough of this epic lip sync battle. Melissa McCarthy is unreal. Plus, didn't we all fall in love with Sookie again when she thanked her mom at the MTV Movie Awards: "And to my mom, Sandy Lynn McCarthy, who taught me not to fear being the butt of the joke, taught me not to worry about being likeable and perfect, and to lovingly go for the kill." Yesssss.

Life is so different than a year ago, but I wouldn't change it one bit.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Butcher Block Update

Before the holidays, we made a quick update to our kitchen cutout. I originally wanted to open up the wall to create a more open floor plan. But when we realized that the current wall was load bearing, we decided to keep it as is, with some small updates to the lighting and counter. 

Here's a crappy shot of the before. We think the previous owners created this cutout to the kitchen. It was never finished, hence the unfinished trim along the outside. K did an amazing job with this. He removed the trim and fixed the edges so they look clean and blend with the rest of the living room. I can't wait until the kitchen gets a face lift to complete the view.

The original counter was super flimsy and unsupported - definitely not a good option. And the lighting was clearly done by an amateur. One of the outlets didn't work and the lights flickered every time they were on. Pretty much the story of this old house.

In updating this space, I wanted to keep the lighting option but add a dimmer switch, as well as add an outlet. It's the perfect spot for charging phones and I wanted to make that happen. K installed two new lights that are recessed into the top of the cutout - they blend so much better!

I also wanted a stronger counter that could withstand people leaning on it and all the entertaining we do. We bought an affordable wooden butcher block from IKEA, cut it down to fit, and stained it with Minwax's Wood Finish in Natural. We went back and forth on what color to do but since we still have the wooden floors to refinish and the rest of kitchen to upgrade, we chose a stain that would go well no matter what direction we go with our design. To protect the butcher block, we sealed it with three coats of Miniwax Polycrylic.

I've also purchased a pair of these bar stools in gunmetal. I love having additional seating at the counter. It's the perfect place to offer guests a drink while I finish up in the kitchen. Not to mention, I love eating breakfast at the counter now instead of the dining room. Got to mix it up sometimes, right?

So there you go. A quick butcher block update that took about a weekend to go from yuck to awesome!


Declan: One Month

One month appointment

Dear Declan, 

My little blue-eyed boy. It's been one month since you (slowly) arrived into our lives. And an extraordinary month it's been. You are just the sweetest and best thing that's ever happened. Your daddy and I are over the moon in love with you. We are pretty proud of ourselves for making a tiny human. Our dreams came true when you arrived healthy and safe. Our little miracle. 

While we are completely exhausted, we wouldn't trade a single moment for anything. The last four weeks have brought so many changes. Already you have grown, and you are so strong. You are putting on weight and starting to chunk out. Which is perfectly fine by me since I love a chunky baby. I've coaxed a few smiles out of you and I think my heart bursts each time. Similarly, my heart breaks a bit every time you cry. I just keep reminding myself that babies cry. Moms cry too and that's ok.

There is nothing better than having you fall asleep on me. I love to listen to your little snores and breathe in that baby smell. You are just precious. Feel free to sleep a little longer -  we won't mind!

This first month has flown by and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us, little man.

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