Monday, February 28, 2011

Lost February.

February 2011 is officially a lost month.  School and such has been kicking my butt.  Too much to do, so little time.  Trial Ad has been sucking the life out of my weekends.  Yesterday, I spent 9 hours in the courtroom.  On a SUNDAY.  Gross.  But, we are Kansas City bound on Thursday for our competition so the end is in sight!

Last night I had a much needed mother-daughter bonding night watching the Academy Awards.  They are my favorite awards show by far.  But last night's show was a little dull.  Even still, I picked the top 5 and feel pretty good about that!  So when I drop out of law school, at least I have Oscar picks to rely on!

P.S.  Shamrock Shakes are back.  Get one now.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

rolling in the deep.

i've been craving adele's new song, rolling in the deep, for a while now.  finally she has a video for it.  enjoy!

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