Tuesday, August 17, 2010

football season.

football season is almost here.  and i'm soooo excited!  but let me be clear.  there is only one kind of football - SEC Football.  i could care less about brett favre and his "will he or won't he" games. (today, apparently, he will.  the strib is reporting he's finally in town.)  big 10?  yeah right.  and get over yourself, notre dame.  i will forever be a SEC fan.

more importantly, i will always be a gamecock fan.  i wasn't born and bred, but i'm definitely a convert.  my years in south carolina were amazing!  i learned from the best how to tailgate, drink, and cheer for the perpetual underdog.  i also learned "cock" is not a dirty word, but something to be proud of being!

via williamsbrice.com

watching our baseball team win the national championship this year was an unbelievable experience.  but everyone in the gamecock nation still hopes our football team will prove itself in the big games.

so here's to another year.  another season to kill the tigers, dawgs, and gators.  and a health carolina to all the big ole cocks out there!

so, mark your calendar!

go. fight. win. kick ass.  go cocks!!

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