Wednesday, January 19, 2011

back at it.

Yesterday was the first day of last semester as a 2L.  I am officially more than halfway through law school.  Scary.  Over break, I kind of decided I don't want to practice law.  I say "kind of" because I don't want to completely rule it out.  I'm still looking for interesting jobs and new experiences in actual lawyer work, but I don't think I would mind taking an unconventional approach to using my law degree.

Anyways, this semester might kill me.  I thought I was busy in the Fall, but my Spring schedule is something else. My actual schedule rocks.  I have big breaks in between my classes and my week practically ends on Wednesdays.  But I like to be involved in things, so there's always something more to do.  Here's what Spring 2011 holds for me:

  • Business Administration (4 Credits)
  • Evidence (3 Credits)
  • Lawyering Skills III aka writing an Appellate Brief (2 Credits)
  • Ethical Leadership in Social Justice (2 Credits)
  • Advanced Clinic: Community Justice Project (3 Credits) 
  • Trial Ad, the competition not the course (1 Credit)

Add in WLSA, volunteering, work, Trial Ad practices and the actual competition, and it's going to be a busy semester.  If I make it to Spring Break, I'll be golden.

This week in Minnesota, it's supposed to be the coldest week of the winter.  Gross.  So in the spirit of dreaming of summer (because that's what we do when the tundra is frozen) here's Xavier Rudd singing about summer coming.  Smile!

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