Monday, June 15, 2015

Easy Entertaining // Bacon & Date Dip

I love to entertain. Whether it's one friend for a glass of wine, my parents for Sunday night dinner, or Friendsgiving, I want it to be special. And easy. 

Last summer, I threw a wedding shower for my dear friend Lindsay. Since the party was after work, I wanted an easy menu that threw together quickly. My friend Angie put me on to this dip and now it is a staple at my parties. It receives rave reviews every time and it's just special enough that it brings a new factor to the appetizer table. 

Bacon & Date Dip - aka The Best Dip Ever

1 package of bacon
1 bag of dates (from the baking aisle)
10.5 ounces of Chevre (goat cheese)

Cook bacon in a skillet until cooked through but not crispy. Once the bacon is cool, chop into small pieces and add to a microwave/oven safe dish. Mix the bacon and equal parts dates and heat up in the oven or microwave until the warm. The bacon and dates should start to caramelize together. Add the goat cheese to the mixture and heat until warm. Do not overheat.

To make this recipe even easier, cook and chop the bacon ahead of time. On the day of your event, all you'll need to do is mix and warm.

Serve with your choice of crackers. 



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  1. The combination of dates and bacon sounds intriguing. Bet this would be great for tailgating.


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