Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Mastering Your Decor Budget

We officially sold our house today! I have so much to say about that process but today, we're talking interior design! I've spent the last couple weeks dreaming about our new place and how I'm going to decorate once we get the final green light to move in. 

Laurel + Wolf, an interior design company that connects you with professionals to design your space, reached out to me about sharing this DIY guide to decorating on a budget. Since it's all I pretty much think about these days, it was a no brainer!

Here are my thoughts on mastering your decor budget:

1. Thrift!
I love scoping my local thrift stores, garage sales, and craigslist for cheap finds! I also love a good hand-me-down. Some of my favorite pieces have been found while thrifting, like our $20 patio furniture, or our dining room table.

2. Paint is your best friend.
It's so amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do. Walls, fireplaces, furniture - paint can basically cure everything. Our table is the perfect example. White paint completely transformed the table from outdated to farmhouse chic. I just love it!

3. Shop your home. 
Don't be afraid to move things around. I love rearranging the furniture or switching up my shelving decor to make it all feel new. It costs $0 to shop your house!

Designers from Laurel + Wolf share their tips below:

What are some of your affordable design tips? Share with me in the comments!


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