Saturday, February 4, 2017

Currently // February 2017

Well, we blinked and it's already February. Here's what I'm currently up to:

ANTICIPATING // Girls In STEM is next week! I love this event because it combines my full-time job with my full-time passion.

READING // Just finished Missing, Presumed and am in the middle of The Lifegiving Home. Recently, I was pretty entertained by The Assistants (a light read). And I kicked off the new year with Make It Happen.

LISTENING TO // Gaga. I can't wait to see her perform tomorrow! Will she top Bruno and Bey?!

PLANNING // My garden! I've ordered seed catalogs and am deciding what to grow this summer.

LEARNING // To find peace in the tension between being a mama and a professional.

LOVING // Watching Declan grow! I can't believe he turns one next month. Cue tears.

WORKING ON // A gallery wall for our family room. It's time to put a little life on these walls!

WEARING // These boots that Santa brought. I'm in love.

DREAMING OF // Sunshine and somewhere warm. February is always a bit blah, don't you think?

WATCHING // The Crown. Anyone else watching?

What are you currently up to?


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