Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Thoughts on Making A Murderer

Once in a while, a good story comes around. It's told in a compelling way, makes you think beyond the facts and into the bigger issues surrounding the story, and always leaves you wanting more. Last week, we binged on "Making A Murderer" on Netflix. And like the rest of America right now, I'm plagued with questions and obsessed with needing more information.

A couple things:
1. I love a good conspiracy theory. So I'm easy to convince there is shady shit happening in Manitowoc. The Pajiba article sums up what I've been thinking: "In fact, I remain convinced -- like Avery's lawyers -- that whether Avery committed the murder or not, the police planted evidence to ensure his conviction."
2. Why didn't the filmmakers include more of the facts that seemingly incriminate Stephen Avery? I'm a little pissed that the filmmakers decided some of this wasn't relevant to their series.
3. Education is everything. Bums me out that Brendan Dassey's low IQ put him in such a poor position to defend himself. In my opinion, the system completely took advantage of him.
4.  How did the Avery jury reach the conclusions they did? I'd love to be a fly on the wall during their deliberations. The amount of negotiating that must have gone - it would have been intense.
5.  Do the ends justify the means? If the process is flawed, but there is a "just" result, does it matter?

Like I said, I don't have the answers. The law is a funny thing. If anything, it makes you think. And when you add in an obsession by the media, there's plenty of people with plenty of opinions.

Want to read more? I rounded up a bunch of articles that are making the rounds this week.

Why Brendan Dassey’s Conviction May Be More Disturbing Than Steven Avery's

So, what should I watch next?


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