Saturday, April 2, 2016

Declan: One Month

One month appointment

Dear Declan, 

My little blue-eyed boy. It's been one month since you (slowly) arrived into our lives. And an extraordinary month it's been. You are just the sweetest and best thing that's ever happened. Your daddy and I are over the moon in love with you. We are pretty proud of ourselves for making a tiny human. Our dreams came true when you arrived healthy and safe. Our little miracle. 

While we are completely exhausted, we wouldn't trade a single moment for anything. The last four weeks have brought so many changes. Already you have grown, and you are so strong. You are putting on weight and starting to chunk out. Which is perfectly fine by me since I love a chunky baby. I've coaxed a few smiles out of you and I think my heart bursts each time. Similarly, my heart breaks a bit every time you cry. I just keep reminding myself that babies cry. Moms cry too and that's ok.

There is nothing better than having you fall asleep on me. I love to listen to your little snores and breathe in that baby smell. You are just precious. Feel free to sleep a little longer -  we won't mind!

This first month has flown by and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us, little man.


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