Monday, March 19, 2012

Crave: Vera Bradley

During my years in South Carolina, I learned one thing:  Southerners are obsessed with Vera Bradley.  It took me two years, but eventually I caved and picked out a pattern.  Every girl always remembers her first Vera pattern.  Mine was Picadilly Plum.  

I still use the small and large duffel bags all the time.  But my favorite piece was the Large Cosmetic bag.  It holds everything I need.  Unfortunately, after 6 years of use, my Picadilly Plum cosmetic bag needed to be laid to rest.

Enter my new pattern:  Rhythym and Blues.

I just love it!  It's bright and fun and the color just pops.  And who doesn't need a splash of color early in the morning?!

What's your Vera Bradley pattern of choice?  

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