Saturday, March 17, 2012

Garage Shelves

I've got some big news.  Ready? In April, Kurtis is moving in.  I am so excited!  This is a huge step for us and we could not be happier.  So this blog is going to change a bit.  K is going to have more of a presence and we are going to feature more of the projects we tackle together in turning my house into our home.

Here's the first one: Garage Shelves.  With K moving in, the first step is to make sure both our vehicles fit in the garage.  The garage came with a built-in cabinet that I didn't use.  I just stacked everything on top since I didn't have much.  But we decided that those cabinets had to go so we'd have more room on the right side.  Here's the before:
A quick run to Home Depot and we had a plan.  We purchased 2 white shelves, 4 brackets, and 2 packets of screws.  And a drill.

After measuring where we wanted the shelves to go, K and I took turns drilling the brackets into the wall.   
 Once both brackets for the first shelf were on the wall, K put the shelf up to check if it was level.  In a moment of chaos, the shelf fell to the ground.  And that's when we realized we had a problem.

We screwed the brackets on upside down.  Rookie mistake.  But a quick fix!
 Now we're in business!  And we're level!
Once the shelves were up, we loaded them up.  They look great!  
Our next step is to rip the cabinet out and dispose of it.  But that's a project for another day...

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