Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend.

We headed up to the cabin for Easter.  This was technically moving weekend!  Most of the big things are done with the cabin so we started emptying the storage unit.  I can hardly believe the progress on the place!  This summer is going to be unreal.

Here is  lovely picture of us taking a lunch break from moving and unpacking.  Looking good in our Hack sweatshirts!  

Easter was a bit different this year.  Usually we spend it with more of our family, but this year we were all in different places.  Spence and Mo were in Kansas celebrating with Mo's family.  I can't wait to see them both in a month!!  But my mama reminded me that our Easter's weren't always spent together. Over the years, we've had some incredible Easters - Sunrise service with the Dodgers in Florida, Spanish mass in Puerta Vallarta, etc.  But there were many years that Spence was gone on baseball trips, or I was in Carolina for Easter.  

So the moral of my rambling story is that even though we were separated this Easter, doesn't mean the love wasn't there.  We hope you had a wonderful Easter, wherever you spent the holiday this year!

Happy Spring!

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