Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Spiral Sugar Cookies

This past weekend was baking weekend. I had our annual law school girls baking party and needed to whip up something special. 

Along with these amazing peanut butter cookies, I decided to tackle sugar cookies. But not just any sugar cookies - Spiral Sugar Cookies.

I was Pinspired by this pin. And really, I followed the recipe exactly how it was written, except for one batch where I swapped out the flour for gluten free flour. 

 I did find that the sugar sprinkles worked way better and were much easier to use than the nonpareils.

My only caveat is that they take a while since you need to chill the batter. But I had all day Saturday so it wasn't that big of a deal. These cookies are a little too high intensive for every day baking but for the holidays, wow, they sure make a festive statement!

I imagine you could take this one step further and with a little frosting, have a yummy sugar cookie sandwich. If you are going to be baking this weekend, definitely add these Spiral Sugar Cookies to your list! It doesn't get any more Christamas-y than this!

What's your go-to holiday baking item? I'd love to know! And for more cookie ideas, check out my friends Kait & Marianne's baking blog at 2 Baking Birdies! They are baking up a storm this holiday season and each cookie looks simply scrumptious.


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