Thursday, December 19, 2013

Four Last Minute DIY Gifts

Skip the stores this weekend and whip up a custom-made DIY for those last people on your list.  Here are four easy ideas for you to throw together.

The sugar scrub is one of the easiest things I've ever made. Just three ingredients and you can change up the scents to anything you want! And if the statistics on this blog matter at all, this post is one of my top pinned and visited of all time. You definitely have to try it - even if you keep the scrub for yourself!

I love having letters in our home. Stop by a craft store and pick out a first initial or last name or a word for the kitchen, and with a little spray paint, you'll have a fabulous gift!

Giving yummy goodies as a gift is always a win! Whip up a batch of festive puppy chow or cookies to give away. Just make sure you are aware of any potential allergies your gift recipient might have.

And when in doubt, grab a bottle of booze from the liquor store and tie a ribbon on it!

Merry merry,

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