Monday, February 10, 2014

The Philanthropist Diaries // Show Your Love For Philanthropy

//In early 2013, I started a blog called The Philanthropist Diaries. In trying to simplify my life, I'm consolidating blogs and will now feature posts of The Philanthropist Diaries on Life Law Luck. This post was previously published on 2.14.13. //

I was speaking with my good friend Lauren about our shared love of of philanthropy when she mentioned that she recently looked up the etymology of the word philanthropy. I had never actually done this before so I quickly searched for it so I could be in the know.
from Late Latin philanthropia, from Greek philanthropia "kindliness, humanity, benevolence, love to mankind" (from gods, men, or things), from philanthropos (adj.) "loving mankind, useful to man," from phil- "loving"  + anthropos "mankind"
The heart of philanthropy is love. That makes total sense to me. At the core of my passion for nonprofits and philanthropies is love.  Love for the world. Love for others. Love for those who inspire and give of themselves. Love for big ideas and big dreams. Love for the faith and hope in humanity that this work gives me.
I'm in this game because of passion and big dreams to make this world a better place.
This Valentine's Day, a day devoted to hearts and romance and passion, show your love by donating $14 today to your favorite charity.  A little love often goes a long way.  Encourage your friends and colleagues to do the same in the name of love!
What do you love about philanthropy?

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