Monday, February 24, 2014

The Philanthropist Diaries // Success

//In early 2013, I started a blog called The Philanthropist Diaries. In trying to simplify my life, I'm consolidating blogs and will now feature posts of The Philanthropist Diaries on Life Law Luck. This post was previously published on 3.12.13. //
Two weeks ago, I was in Reno presenting at the Alpha Kappa Psi Principled Business Leadership Institute.  I co-facilitated three programs with a good friend and had a blast during the weekend.  We saw Dan Harbeke speak based on his book, Get In! How to Market Yourself and Become Successful at a Young Age.  Dan gave a definition of success that has resonated with me in the weeks since:
ambition + focus + integrity = success
Ambition is the desire to get up and get started; focus is knowing what you want to do; and integrity is doing it well.  Success.
What's your definition of success?

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