Wednesday, September 3, 2014


We're working on the house again! This summer, we officially became homeowners together and we're so excited to really start updating our little home.

Our first major project will be finishing the basement this autumn. If you've been reading for a while, you know how exciting that is for me (part 1 and part 2 of the ugly basement saga)! But first, we thought we'd tackle a couple outside projects while the weather is still nice.

We're updating all the exterior lights and after looking at every single exterior light Home Depot and Lowes (and the entire internet it seems like) had to offer, we narrowed to these two:

While I love a good barn/lantern looking light, we decided to give the top one a go because of its size. Our street is terribly dark so our hope is that it will provide some extra light up front. But if it doesn't work, option 2 it is. I'll keep you posted once it arrives! We also managed to pick out lights for our garage and the back entry. Success.

More importantly, the whole house is getting a new coat of paint! Our stucco siding looks like it has never been painted and is in desperate need of a new look. Our biggest decision this Labor Day Weekend was picking out a paint color. It needed to go with the brick and our red doors and just look fabulous.

We're loyal to Sherwin Williams and K could give you the scoop on why but I'll just say, I've never been disappointed with the paint or the service. Using the color fans, we narrowed to three: Sensational Sand, Beach House, and Familiar Beige.

Another trip to the store to grab samples and then we slapped some paint on the wall and started staring.

Alphabetical top to bottom: Beach House, Familiar Beige, Sensational Sand.
Based on the samples, we quickly ruled out Familiar Beige. It just looked blah against our brick. And that's a scientific reason - blah. ;)

To make the final decision, we painted a few larger samples next to the red doors and immediately we knew Beach House was our color!

K and a friend will be painting this house this week (fingers crossed the weather cooperates) and it's going to be such a difference-maker on our house. I can't wait to see the before and after!


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