Friday, November 21, 2014

A Fresh Coat of Paint

It was a busy fall around here! If you've followed #YoungHomeMakeover on Insta, you know. We were trying to wrap up a million things outside so when winter hit, we could focus on inside fixing. Well, the snow it last week so let's recap what we did this fall!

First up, our little house got a Beach House facelift. They boys did an amazing job! The stucco, the trim, the garage door - everything got a fresh coat of paint.

The boys painted, I took selfies. Naturally.

So serious.


I'm obessed. It looks amazing. It's miraculous what a coat of paint can do to transform a home. To celebrate, we headed to Butcher & The Boar to refuel. Yum.

I'm thrilled we tackled this project this fall. What a difference it made on the house! More updates to follow soon.


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