Tuesday, September 4, 2012

House Tour: My House.

I realized last week when I posted the house tour of the Dunton House that I had never posted a house tour of my home.  These pictures were taken in May when we hosted graduation brunch for our families before K moved in. My home is really a hodge podge of items I've collected along the way.  Nothing matches, but then, who really wants to match all the time!  Each piece has it's own story and I love that!

When you walk in the front door, you can see straight to the kitchen.  I bought the star at a Hobby Lobby in KC after Thanksgiving last year and just love it!  Right now it's a deep brown but I'm thinking of giving it a little face lift with a fun color to really pop.  My boss bought me the stools at an estate sale last summer.

The lamp on the left is one of my favorite thrifting finds ever.  It's quirky and old, and through the magic of  a good day thrifting, I found two that match at the next thrift store!  The bookcase is an IKEA Expedit that I bought for myself in high school.  It has sentimental value since it's the first piece of furniture I bought on my own and assembled myself!

The living room features a real fireplace that I'm thinking eventually we'll paint white.  I haven't quite gotten around to cleaning the smoke stains off of it, but rest assured that was from the former owners, not me!  My lovely couch on the left cost me $5 and is the perfect size for me.  I will never find another one like it and I'm dreading the day I have to give it away.  

Simply put, I love our coffee table.  This was one of the first things Kurtis brought to the house.  We refinished it together and it turned out amazing!  More on that sometime soon!  The wooden box in the back is an old crate I found at an estate sale that says Minneapolis on it, which I love.  I use it now for storage but I have big plans for it.  The side tables are thrift store finds that I painted dark brown before I moved in.  They'll be getting a color update in the near future.

My dining room is one of my favorite rooms.  I have an old table handed down from my aunt and uncle's cabin.  I switched out the fabric on the seats and now they are lovely shade of blue.

The door to the backyard (which we use as our main door most of the time since the garage is out back) features one of my favorite items from traveling.  I found this plaque while backpacking though Ireland and it touched my soul.  In Gaelic it means, "A hundred thousand welcomes."  The door is painted SW Stolen Kiss.

The kitchen is getting revamped this year.  I can't wait!  It will be such a welcome change.  When the time comes, I'll share all the fascinating details with you. ;)

The main level has a tiny bathroom.  Not sure why I felt it necessary to take a photo of the toilet, but there you go!  I love the quirky shower curtain I found at Target.  The walls are painted BM Beach Glass (I think...) and the curtain just pops.

That's all I have for now.  There's still two bedrooms upstairs and the entire basement to tour but we'll save that for a rainy day.  

If you have a house tour you want to share with me, let me know!  I'm always finding inspiration from other people's homes.


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