Sunday, May 15, 2016

Summer Capsule Wardrobe for Work

This article cracked me up. The LOFT has been my favorite store since college. Literally, 90% of my closet is from the Loft. What can I say? They just get me. They have classic pieces that fit my body and you never pay full price for an item. They are LITERALLY always having a sale. Feel foolish if you don't take advantage of a promo code.

So after reading that article, I feel like I've been on the inside of a wonderful secret for years. And just when I thought the Loft couldn't get much better, I got pregnant and discovered their maternity line. It saved me for work, let me tell you. My favorite Lou & Grey leggings? They carry a maternity version. Need a cute dress for work while feeling every inch of nine months pregnant? Covered.

My maternity leave is up in a few short weeks and since my body has obviously changed a bit, and so have the seasons, I thought I'd treat myself to a little wardrobe refresh and give the capsule wardrobe a try again. 

I say again, because when I was a consultant living out of my suitcase, I had no choice to embrace a capsule wardrobe. Granted, I was in a different spot each week and nobody was none the wiser if I wore the same five outfits each week. So in an effort to simplify, I'm cultivating a summer capsule wardrobe for work. My goal is two weeks of outfits that I can mix and match.

Over the last year I've begun streamlining my work wardrobe to the colors black, gray, navy, white, coral (spring/summer) and garnet (fall/winter). So far so good. Everything goes, I can mix and match, and get out the door quickly.

Here are a few pieces that are on their way to my casa and I'll likely be wearing over and over this summer:

I'll be mixing in some pieces from my current wardrobe but I'm really excited about simplifying this summer. Have you given a capsule wardrobe a try? Tell me about it in the comments!


All items above found on this week.

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