Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Move 100 Miles

I hate to exercise.  I get bored easily, I look like an idiot, and I have better things to do.  Like catch up on my Hulu queue.  But the terrible thing is, once I get my butt in gear, I feel great!  I love being outside in the sunshine and breathing that fresh Minnesota air.

So, to motivate me this summer, I'm putting my goal in writing - Move 100 Miles.  I don't care if I walk, run, crawl, skip, hop, or frolic through a meadow.  I just want to move.  100 miles.  I'm already up to mile 3!

I tried this last year on the road and I made it to 20something, but then I lost track of my total and said to hell with it.  So, Round 2!

And in honor of my love affair with lists, a few ways to Move 100 Miles:
  • walk every block in the neighborhood
  • kayak to Ten Mile (it's like 6 miles!)
  • try rollerblading
  • stroll around the lakes of minneapolis
  • give running a try - Couch to 5K sounds perfect
Hopefully this time I'll be able to kick it in gear and Move 100 Miles!!!

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