Sunday, May 16, 2010

Roots and Wings

It's been a year since I officially unpacked my suitcase and made Minnesota my home again.  I spent four years traveling back and forth across the Mason-Dixon Line for undergrad, a month frolicking in Europe, and a year traveling the country as a consultant for my sorority.  While I never neglected my roots, I had been quite focused on my wings.  But over the last year, I flew only once.  

I love to travel, and if I had the money I'd be on a plane tomorrow.  But as a broke law student, I have no money.  My traveling is confined to dreaming and my suitcase stays in the closet.

If money grew on trees, tomorrow I'd be headed to:
  • Croatia
  • Istanbul
  • Dominican Republic
  • South Africa
  • Montreal
  • Charleston, South Carolina
I may be done flying around, but I do not regret coming home to Minnesota.  I absolutely love this state.  I love the people, the weather, the lakes, the seasons.  I love how you have at least one person in common with everyone you meet.  I love how the Twin Cities are big cities with a small town feel.  I love how Minnesota is the self-proclaimed State of Hockey.  I love that people from other places never seem to know where Minnesota is on a map.  Which is perfect because it makes my state the best kept secret.  I could never imagine settling somewhere else, let alone potentially raising a family somewhere else.

So, one year back and my roots keep growing deeper in Minnesota.  And I wouldn't wish it any other long as I can dream an amazing vacation up every now and then!

My one week of summer vacation is over.  Thank goodness the sun decided to shine this weekend!  I start my new job tomorrow and I am beginning to freak out!  I will be clerking at a law firm here in town.  I'm not exactly sure what I've learned this year or if I will be able to put any of that uncertainty into play, but I guess I'll know more tomorrow!

Wish me luck!

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