Thursday, June 7, 2012

Small Town Saturday Night.

Let me set the scene.  Hackensack.  Saturday night.  Memorial Day Weekend.  The Legion.  Horse races.

Yes, horse races.  Every once in a while, the Legion will host a derby.  They even keep a countdown in the bar - here we have 10 minutes to go! 

 The place was already pretty full of mostly locals, and our table of city folk.  Here's the kid table - Kurtis, me, and Lindsay on one side...

Spence and Mo on the other.

Here's how to play.  Pull tabs are $1 each.  You're looking for horses (the top two) or bingo numbers (the bottom five). A winning horse earns $150, a winning bingo number earns you $50.  This is our table's first round:

I opened horse #10 so I was obviously rooting for the Tenner!  And they're off!

And the winner is...

TEN!!!!  Holy Moly, you guys!  We won the first race!  The $150 paid for the rest of the night and yes, I got my picture taken with the fun-noodle roses.  We didn't have any luck until the last race when Mo won the bingo number!  

After the Legion, it was off to the Muni.  Literally my favorite bar on earth.  Super casual, everyone knows each other, and the jukebox rocks all night long!  Nine drinks for $24...Seriously.  Does it get any better than that?!  Here are our parents enjoying cheap drinks.

Wayne, bartender extraordinaire, entertaining us with a little Jimmy Buffett.

The whole crew singing a long.

My favorite people.

I seriously love this place!  Can't beat a small town Saturday night!

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