Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring Forward.

I mentioned on Sunday that I am ready for spring.  Well, Mother Nature is a bitch.  She must have heard me, and with a cackling evil laugh, she dumped about another foot of snow on us on Monday and Tuesday.


Fine.  So we still have snow, but I'm determined to spring forward this week.  I've started spring cleaning, rearranging my closet for spring attire.  My mind is full of good thoughts for sunshine, melting snow, a peek of green grass, the first robin sighting, and the hopes that at least one flower bulb I planted in the fall comes up (damn squirrels).

So, instead of waxing on about how I really want it to be spring, I thought I'd do a little catching up on the past two weeks:

  • K and I saw Book of Mormon when it was in town and it is HILARIOUS.  I laughed the entire time, sat on the edge of my seat, and thought to myself 132 times, "Did they just say that?!"
  • I've been doing a lot of yoga lately.  BodyFlow is my jam.  A mix between yoga, pilates, & tai chi.  It's the bomb dot com.  Yep.
  • I got a new job and start in two weeks. I love that my passion for nonprofits and my career are aligning nicely.  Here's to new beginnings.
  • Today, I was supposed to be in Boston, but Mama Nature sure has a funny sense of humor.  They rescheduled the trip due to weather but now I can't go because I gave my two weeks notice because I got a new job!  Truth, I've been battling a cold all week and was a little relieved to stay at home and have the day off today.
  • I got my hair did today. A shorter style for spring. I'm a happy girl.
  • In April, I'm headed down South to the land of the BFF Kait's bachelorette party is happening on the ol' Kentucky bourbon trail.  I booked my ticket today and am so pumped for the a weekend of Southern shenanigans!
  • Online shopping got the best of me this week.  I can't wait to show you what I found!
  • Is anyone else watching The Following?  Obsessed over here.
Ok, that's enough random thoughts for today.  Have a great night!



  1. Oh my goodness I cannot wait to see you and give you and your shorter hair the biggest hug ever! Online shopping got the best of me this week too! BLAH {but also YAY!}

  2. Congrats on the new job--SO excited for you! Have a great weekend! xo


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