Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Date Night: Dinner and a Movie.

I haven't done a date night post in a while, but that doesn't mean date night disappeared!  K and I think it's so important to spend quality time together, away from the house, away from work, and away from the stresses of life.

This weekend we did a dinner and a movie date.  We met one of K's coworker's at Victory 44 for their legendary Perfect Burgers and Bacon Fries. It was divine.  It was our first time there but I know we'll be heading back shortly.  

I know you are thinking, date night with coworkers?  But we wanted to try the restaurant and this was only part 1 of the date.  Plus, anytime we can spend some time together I consider it a date!  Not to mention, I love to see K interact with his friends.  It makes me love him so much more, seeing him be a friend.  Layla at the Lettered Cottage recently wrote about this same feeling and I couldn't agree more.

After dinner, we headed to our local theater to finally see Silver Linings Playbook.  I read the time wrong, so we had a little time to kill in between.  I convinced K that this would be the time to make a little visit to Cherry Berry, a self-serve yogurt bar. I honestly think these are the best ideas ever.  You get exactly what you want and there is no fear of judgment from the staff.  Instead, you can order just toppings if you want and no one cares.  Seriously, don't judge.

Then on to the movie!  Definitely worth the hype.  We both were genuinely happy with the movie, even though we were not genuinely happy for a couple obnoxious other theatergoers.  Feel free to laugh at movies, but keep your commentary to yourself.  Reminds me why I love Redbox so much!

After the movie, we listened to this song on the way home.  Such a fabulous date night!  Have you had any special dates lately?


*No photos this time - turned off the technology for date night!

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