Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Target Spring

Winter has lasted forever here in Minnesota (seriously, snow in May in just ridiculous) and last week when we got a couple days of sunshine, I decided to spring for a little Target shopping spree. Here's what I found, all for under $45 (I love me some Target sales/clearance)!

I love my funky little purse. It's totally outside the box of my "normal" style but I'm trying to embrace color these days.  As for the t-shirt, I live in these.boyfriend shirts. Day to day, gym, bed, work...I love all the shirts. As for the nail polish, this turquoise/teal color is probably my favorite color ever.  It's my grandma's favorite too which I think is kind of special.  And these shoes...I'm trying to embrace heels which is new for me but I'm loving the height!

Anyway, have you had any good finds from Target lately?


Target obviously didn't compensate me for this but I wouldn't hate it if they did!


  1. I love those pocket shirts from Target. I have it in 2 colors and want more!

    1. They are the best. I stock up when they go on sale!

  2. Oh, do I need a Target shopping trip! It's been too long. But unlike in MN, Targets are few and far between here in MKE...I already told my family a Target visit is a must when we're home!

    1. So true, Natalia! When I lived in South Carolina, I had to drive about 25 minutes just to get my Target fix.


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