Tuesday, May 14, 2013


There are days in my life when I wake up and think it's just an ordinary day.  But then something happens and life changes in a split second. Take that September day when I was in high school.  Nothing was the same after that.  Or the day K and I decided to be more than friends. Or even the day I decided to act on my idea of starting a leadership-focused nonprofit for girls.  These simple days become history, even if it is just a part of your personal history books.

Today is not that kind of day.  Today is not ordinary at all.  Today has been years in the making.  It's no secret that I believe in equality, that all people should have the right to love whoever they want and if they so choose, they should be able to express that love through marriage. Love is love, y'all.

In November, the people of Minnesota voted. Last week, the Minnesota House of Representatives voted.  Yesterday, the Minnesota Senate voted. And today, all that's left is for Governor Dayton to sign. Years in the making and today is the day.  Minnesota will become the 12th state to allow same-sex marriage. Thank God we're not 50.  But the truth is, we'd never be #50.  

I tear up thinking that it is now a reality that my future children will not know a time when the freedom to marry the one they love was not an option in Minnesota. I am overjoyed to think that as I can teach those future children about the beautiful blue waters, the rolling farmland, and the green forests that make up this state, I can teach them about the people that built this state.  The explorers, the pioneers, the lumberjacks and farmers and now everyone decided to be one of the first to the marriage equality party.  Ordinary people who woke up one day and decided to be extraordinary.

It's also no secret that I love this great state. Minnesota will always be my home and today, I've never been prouder. This one came for the people, by the people

Today, history is made.


All photos taken from facebook.

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  1. Love is LOVE! So proud to be a Minnesotan!


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