Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fair Day 2013 - Gluten Free and Sweaty.

This week I completed my yearly pilgrimage to the Great Minnesota Get-Together. I just love the Minnesota State Fair! This year, I went with my team from work for a little bonding time. We are in a bit of a heat wave here in Minnesota so it was a bit sweaty

For me, the fair is all about food. And I'm here to tell you, going gluten free at the fair can be done! Last year I took a pass, but this year I knew I could have the same fair experience, a couple treats, and not feel like crap after. And with a little help from the Northland Celiac Support Groups 2013 GF Vendor List and this article, I felt ready to make gluten my bitch at the fair. 

We arrived at lunch time and the girls from work quickly crossed corn dogs off the food list.  I enjoyed by smell only.

My first gluten free item and tradition: Lime Sno Cone! So good I had 2 while kickin' it at the fair this year.

On my Must Do list was the Miracle of Life Birthing Center. This little cow had been born about 15 minute before we got there and was about to have his first meal.

Lunch time for me! I had a dish of turkey from Turkey To Go. This stuff was delicious!  The barbecue sauce was GF too, so I was in heaven.  I could have eaten a second dish, it was so yummy.

After lunch, we ventured over to the Giant Slide to cross this off our Must Do list. 

I just love the Giant Slide. Makes me feel like a kid again!

My treat of the day was caramel apple slices.  These are my favorite fall treat (besides pumpkin bread) and had me dreaming for cooler weather. Look at all that caramel!

Not pictured - the 2 waterbottles I chugged to stay hydrated. All in all, gluten free at the fair was a success! There were so many more vendors I could have visited but I filled up fast. I left the fair full but I didn't over do it. Which is probably a good thing since our wedding is only a month away!

Will you be making it to the Minnesota State Fair this year?


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