Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fair Day.

Today was Fair Day, which to me is like Christmas in July (but August, obviously)!  I just LOVE the Minnesota State Fair!  K and I woke up early to hit the gym and get our pre-fair calorie burn going.  And then we headed out to the fairgrounds.  Unlike in South Carolina, where I visited the fairgrounds about every other week during football season, I only visit the Minnesota Fairgrounds once a year during the State Fair.  

First stop - a lime Sno-Kone.  I have loved these since I was a kid and they never get old!  Plus, it was only $1!

The giant slide (which I couldn't convince K to year).

We saw all the animals this year.  At the Miracle of Birth Center, we watched piglets being born!  Slimy and  super wriggly, they were adorable.  I love the babies - chicks, lambs, piglets, calves - all of them!  We braved swine flu to visit the Oink barn and see Boarzilla, the largest boar.  This year his name was Cornhog, but I will always call him Boarzilla.  He weighed in at a whopping 1200 lbs.  Next to him were more piglets climbing all over each other to feed.  There was one tubby one who looked like he had been eating since he was born.  He reminded me of Rolly from 101 Dalmatians.  

We checked out the English Horse Show at the Coliseum.  While I'm a huge fan of the rodeo, English is always so funny to me.  Especially when they ride around in little carts.

But watching this guy ride in a saddle on a Belgian was a highlight.

Next up, a stop at the $1 All You Can Drink Milk barn.  Did I mention I just love the fair?!  I always give myself a free pass at the fair and enjoy some treats I know will probably make me feel awful later.  I cannot resist a big cup of chocolate milk at the fair!

We met up with some friends conveniently in front of Sweet Martha's, which meant a quick wait in line.  Sweet Martha's are always on my fair food list.  They are a yearly tradition!

We opted for the large cone and let me tell you, it was more than enough!

We snacked on cookies as we headed over to the new MN Craft Beer exhibit.  Everyone ordered a flight of light beers except me who had a root beer instead.  While I'm giving myself a free pass, I wasn't going to tempt fate with gluten-loaded beer.  So I took my chances on some Vine Park River City Root Beer.  Delish.

Minnesota has so many craft breweries! 

Cheese curds were obviously on the menu.  Doesn't Rob look just devious with his curds and hot dogs?

We found shade and did some people watching.

Look who I spotted!  Not the ginormous stuffed cow but Nordy!  Can you see him?

Our last stop of the day was the much anticipated deep fried candy bars!  K and I tried these last year and they blew our minds with how scrumptious they were.  If you have never tried one, please go right now to the State Fair and find one.  They are located on Carnes Avenue - that's how serious I am.

We opted for the deep fried Milky Way and it was heavenly.

Rob and Megan enjoyed theirs too.

 Just look at all that melted nougat, caramel and chocolate.  What's not to love?!

On our way back to the car I snapped a couple photos of quintessential fair views.  I just love how bright and colorful it all is!  

All in all, it was the perfect Minnesota summer day.  I can't wait until next year!


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