Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chase the Police Triathlon 2012

Two weekends ago, my brother Spencer and his friend Eric traveled up north to Walker, Minnesota to compete in the Chase the Police Triathlon.  A bunch of us went along to cheer the boys on and it was so much fun!  I had never been to watch a tri and the energy was so inspiring!  There were so many people there competing in their first races.  There was even a 70+ year old woman who was crossing a major item off her bucket list.  How cool is that?!  

Warning, this post is a photo overload.  The following photos were taken by the event photographer:

Spence is in the blue shorts.  Eric is on his right.
And they're off!
Spence finishing the swim.
Eric exiting the water.
Spence finishing the bike.

Eric finishing his bike ride.

Spence heading towards the finish line!

Eric finishing strong!

Here are my photos:

Donuts decorate the jail.
Spence and Eric getting their game faces on.

The fans and the tri guys: Mo, Spence, Eric, me, Kurtis, and Mike
The Walker Riders came for a big send-off.
Our cousin Teddy (left) and his friend Luke came to cheer on Spence.
A & K.

Al & Mo.
Uncle Jon, Dad, and Mike

There go the police!  Police, firefighters, and military are the first wave (hence, Chase the Police).

Spence emerging from Walker Bay.

Transition Time!
Eric heading to transition and getting a shoutout from the announcer.

Dad and Grandpa.

Woohoo!  Go Spence!

Eric starting the last leg of the tri!

The rest of the fans:  Patti, Grandpa and Grandma, Gram, Dad, Mom, Jon, Kurtis, and Mike.

This announcer was hilarious - just ripping on everyone an making all sorts of jokes!

Biking partners!

All smiles!
Friends since high school!
Ma and Pa

Grandpa and Grandma enjoyed the race!
Chase the Police, Get a Donut.

I was so inspired watching my brother compete.  He is so amazing!  And he may have even convinced me to try the tri next year.  I'm thinking a relay team with me, K, and my dad.  We have a year to train so who knows...maybe next year we'll all be chasing the police up in Walker!

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