Thursday, November 15, 2012

Give to the Max Day = TODAY!!

Hi all!  Quick post to let you know that today is Give to the Max Day, a 24-hour online giving spree to support Minnesota nonprofits.

 I have worked with a group of amazing people to develop the Center for Girls' Leadership (CGL) over the last year because we believe we can make a difference as advocates for gender equality in Minnesota.  I am sure you receive many requests for support throughout the year, but I'm going to make just one more.  

This past weekend, we held our first leadership camp for 21 middle school girls.  It was an amazing day and I was so impressed by the girls' excitement to develop their leadership potential and define their personal values.  But my favorite moment of the day came when I asked the principal how she thought it was going.  She pointed to one girl who was laughing in the group and told me she hadn't seen that girl smile all year.  That moment made it clear to me that we are making a difference in the lives of girls through our leadership programs.  And this is just the beginning.

Please consider making a donation to the CGL.  It's easy.  Just head to our giving page ( and make a donation.  We have a bunch of giving incentives for you, too!

Donate $15, and we'll send a birthday card to the person of your choice (gee, that seems perfect if you are always forgetting dear mom's birthday!) OR we'll sign you up for the CGL "Inspirational Quote a Day for a Month Club".

Donate $25, and we'll send you a customized Zombie Escape Plan (because you never know when they'll attack).

Donate $50, and you get your choice of a $10 Caribou or Target gift card.

Donate $100, and consider yourself lucky. We're giving you 3 dozen assorted cookies and yes, this can be redeemed for the holiday season.

Donate $500, and you've earned an hour-long personal yoga session for you and 4 of your most flexible friends.

Donate $1000, and we'll love you forever. We'll show that love by showing up at your house and cooking you a gourmet dinner for up to six people. Who doesn't love a good dinner party?

Alright, that's it!  Thanks so much!


photos by Megan Landberg

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