Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Thoughts on Love: Lindsay @ Om and Away

Here with today's Thoughts on Love is my beautiful friend, Lindsay! Linds and I have been friends since our time in the nursery at church growing up. We went to the same grade school and then Lindsay and her family moved to Iowa. Well they moved back to MN now, and we share a deep love of Birch Lake, enjoying much needed cabin time together. Last summer, Lindsay took a big leap and followed her boyfriend to Finland! I've loved hearing how the two of them are making their way in a brand new country. Here are her thoughts on love:

The other night we were having dinner when randomly, my boyfriend Chris, said to me…”I think it was the first time you cooked.”

“What?” I replied, confused.
“Pasta and homemade meatballs; that’s what you made for me the first time you cooked and that was when I knew.”
“Oh! Oh my gosh, really?” I said laughing, trying not to blush.
This random but adorable moment had me thinking…when did I know?
I’m not sure if I had any sort of epiphany about when exactly I fell in love. Chris was my best friend, and for several months I was trying my hardest to deny any feelings about being more than friends. However, that was the thing…Chris was my best friend. He understood me, he was there for me from day one, and he loved me. (I know this because he told me, early on.) And let’s be honest, I had always thought my “friend” was probably the nicest guy I had ever met or would ever meet and a total babe. Chris had asked me to be his girlfriend a handful of times over the course of the first summer after we had met, and every time he did, I would turn him down because I didn’t think I was ready to love anyone as more than just a friend.
In the fall, a little over six months after we had met and become inseparable, Chris had gone back to school, about 1500 miles away. I was out visiting him and some friends that lived out East and while I was there, something inside my head was telling me that if Chris asked me to be his girlfriend again, that I could not say no. He asked me a few days after I had returned home from my trip, and I said yes. (Totally old school!)
Fast-forward to a little over three years later, and we are living in Finland together. Everyday I find something new that I love about Chris, and as different as living in Europe has been, away from friends, family and home, I know…I would follow my love anywhere!

Thank you, Lindsay!! Be sure to check out her blog, Om and Away, for an inside glimpse at life in Finland and amazing gluten free recipes!


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