Friday, February 1, 2013

Tidbits: 2.1.13

Hello!  Sorry for the late post today.  Between Zumba last night, an early philanthropy networking event this morning, and a 9:25AM showing of Les Mis with my mama, I forgot to get this post up!  Anyway, here you go!

Hilarious Anne Hathaway/Les Mis parody video.  

Party popcorn.  Yes please.

A totally do-able constellations scarf.

Roo vlogged with Remmy - and I died it was so cute.

A new take on an inspiration board - a gratitude board.

I love quizzes.  They remind me of high school.  

And what you might have missed:  a real Minnesota weekend, gluten free cookies were devoured around here, and some more photos from the U.S. Pond Hockey Championships.  Also, I really want Destiny's Child to show up on Sunday to throwback with Bey.  We'll see!

Alright - see ya later, gator.  Have a great weekend!  


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