Monday, February 11, 2013

Thoughts on Love: Kait from Definitely Daisies

Hi y'all!  I hope you had a wonderfully snowy weekend!  I was less than productive but it was actually perfect.  I did a lot of panda watching:

Sigh.  So adorable.

Today's post is from Kait at Definitely Daisies.  Kait is one of my besties from college and a Kappa.  She recently came to visit me in MN and I am in her wedding this May!  Her blog is totally her and I love that!  Here are Kait's thoughts on love:


Love comes in many forms.  It can be platonic {a love between friends}, romantic {a love for a significant other}, familial {a love a mom has for her daughter}, or religious {a man’s love for God}.

It can be simple or complex; instant or slowly brew over time.  Love can send your heart soaring, or knock you off your feet.  It can cause a war, or motivate a ceasefire.  Some find love at a young age, while others die never knowing love.  Some have many loves in a lifetime; others are satisfied with one true love.

Love is unique to each individual and relationship, but there is one commonality in all love: It is free.  They say that money cannot buy happiness and I completely agree.  To me, love is happiness.


Thanks, Kait!  Make sure you check out Kait's blog, Definitely Daisies!  


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