Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thoughts on Love: Melissa @ BeholdAHoneyBee!

Today's LOVE post comes to us from Melissa @ Behold-a-Honeybee!  Melissa is hands down one of my favorite people.  Every year on my birthday, she is the friend who calls and launches into a wonderful rendition of Happy Birthday.  She is up for dance parties anytime anywhere and was one of the best college roommates this girl could ask for!  Although, we no longer share a tiny room and bunk beds (yes, bunk beds), she's only a phone call away in DC. Here are her thoughts on love.


After being in a relationship for almost 6 years (married for 1.5 years) there is a lot about love and relationships I could write about.   I feel extremely blessed everyday that I have found someone that loves me unconditionally and is my true life partner.  It is the most wonderful feeling in the world to have someone to support me through good times, bad times, and to push me to be a better person.   But, Instead of being all mushy I thought it would be fun to talk about the early stages of love.  Like the moment where you knew you were more than just boyfriend/girlfriend.  So here it goes... 

George (my husband) and I were neighbors our senior year of college and our relationship started off very casual since I was graduating that December.  The more time we spent together we realized we were trying not to like each other so that we wouldn't have to deal with the fact that I was leaving in three months.  We had a Sunday night ritual where we would watch "To Catch a Predator" and "Entourage" together.  On Sundays I also played in an evening soccer league and one time he insisted that I come over before showering so I wouldn't miss our shows.  Really?  I mean I was gross. Like sweaty sports bra gross.  He didn't care. He still proceeded to hug and cuddle with me through the entire episode and tell me how good I smelled. I get progressively grosser and fell asleep/drooled on his shoulder.  How embarrassing? Luckily he thought it was endearing.   But right before I feel asleep  I could feel him giving me gentle, little kisses on my forehead.  In that moment in all my grossness was a boy who really, really loved me.  Not the cleans up nice Melissa, but the sweaty/drooling/sleepy Melissa.  What a great feeling. 


Thanks, Melissa!  True love brings a certain level of comfortableness and vulnerability.  Check out her and Jessica's blog today!



  1. I LOVE this. So sweet and hilarious all at the same time! You and George are one of Adam & I's favorite couples, and this just makes me love y'all more!


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