Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thoughts on Love: Sara @ Sarandipity

I'm so happy to introduce you to Sara from Sarandipity!  For Sara and I, it was love at first sight when she joined my sorority in college.  I quickly called "dibs" on her and was so honored to be her big sister in Kappaland.  She is one of the funniest, most caring, hardworking, and determined young ladies I know.  On her blog, she is honest and soul-searching, and makes me think deep about life's most important things.  Here are her thoughts on love.


complex. love is complex. it is something that can't truly be described, at least well anyway (if you ask me). love is something that everyone wishes they had and something everyone needs (if you ask me). it fills the soul with satisfaction or it can hurt the heart with ache. see? complex. 

there are plenty of quotes, songs, books, poems and of course blog posts out there that talk about love. some about giving, some about receiving, some about wanting to receive, and some simply about the loss of it all. love is the type of thing that is a constant. no matter the city, the person or the place on earth. everyone knows their meaning of love. see? complex. i mean, think about it....

i personally cannot count the number of times i hear two women (or men) taking an evening walk on the treadmill, sitting at lunch, or simply on the phone in the store talking about love.everything from it's ups, its downs,  the "he said" and the "she said". it absolutely consumes us no matter the age or state of mind. the meaning love is that one thing that will always be there in some facet of existence. whether it's just by talking to your best friend on the phone, staying up all night with butterflies after a first date, saying prayers to heal those close to us or hearing a song that reminds us of that one perfect moment in time. it is everywhere.

i personally am thankful for what i love in my life. my family, my friends, my health, my opportunities and my ability to sit back and simply be thankful for it all. so sure...love hasn't always been great and it will certainly not always be easy. however, without it, life is simply...much more complex.

Photo Source: Sara's Pinterest

Thanks, Sara!  Feel free to share your thoughts on love in the comments and make sure to check out Sara's blog!



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