Monday, October 29, 2012

Founders Day.

It's no secret here that I was in a sorority around here.  And it should not be a secret that I love my sorority. It gave me my best friends in college, my first job, and helped me discover my passion for leadership.  But what I love most about Kappa is the opportunity to stay engaged in the organization as an alumna.

Two weeks ago, we celebrated Founders Day.  I advise now for a chapter and was invited to attend their celebration of Founders Day.  It was so special to interact with the collegiate and alumnae members that were there.  Alumnae were asked to share why we keep Kappa in our lives as we grow older.  Honestly, it was difficult for me to share all the amazing reasons in only a minute or so.  I could talk forever about Kappa and the way it has shaped my life so far.  

I even got a little choked up as a mother spoke about her joy in seeing her daughter join the chapter she was a part of years ago.  She even shared that her first date with her now husband began in front of the very fireplace pictured below.  And her daughter now gets to grow up in that house!  (Because let's face it, you do a lot of growing up in college.)

It was a wonderful evening, reconnecting and reaffirming my relationship with an organization that has given me so much.  I appreciate the ability to take time each year to honor the six courageous young women, who in 1870, placed golden keys in their hair and marched boldly into a chapel on campus and declared themselves to be Kappa Kappa Gamma.  Those six women changed my life that day in 1870 and I am forever thankful.

Pretending to be an active member again!

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