Monday, January 28, 2013

A Weekend in Minnesota.

Last weekend, Kait came to visit.  Partner in crime from college, sorority sister for life, and I'm a bridesmaid in her wedding this spring!  It was a much needed visit with an old friend.  Plus, our new guest bedroom was crying for it's first visitor!  Lucky for Kait, she made it just in time for one of the coldest weekends we've had  in a long time!

She didn't get in until late Friday night so I spent the day putting the finishing touches on the guest bedroom.  After all my travels, I have a pretty good idea on what makes a welcoming and comfortable stay for guests.

While we waited for her to land, K and I watched the Gophers crush the Sioux in a huge rivalry match!  It was the start to our hockey weekend in Minnesota!

The Saturday of Kait's visit happened to be one of my favorite days - Hockey Day in Minnesota!  We watched the morning high school game and then prepared to face the chill at the U.S. Pond Hockey Championships at Lake Nokomis.  I had never been but it was amazing!  Hundreds of people were out there to cheer on the game as it is meant to be played - on the pond.  I wish my brother could have been there though.  He would have loved it!

After the game, we headed over to St. Anthony Main to grab burgers at Tuggs Tavern.  Here in Minnesota we have this lovely little concoction called the Juicy Lucy.  Restaurants battle it out to claim they have the best cheese-filled burger.  K has personally done a taste test of pretty much every version and his favorite is the Stuffed Saloon Burger with tons of bacon and cheddar cheese.  So, went to Tuggs to introduce Kait to the Juicy Lucy.

The sun was out, but the wind had started to pick up and it was freezing!  Hello there, Minneapolis!

Back at home, it was time for a nap before we headed out on the town to my favorite restaurant, Chino Latino, for Kait's birthday.  I know it's probably cliche around here, but I love Chino.  It has great food, an awesome atmosphere, and s'mores for dessert.  What's not to love?!

Birthday girl!
My hilarious fortune.
On Sunday, Kait and I went to church at the Basilica so she could see our amazing "little" church.  During college, Kait and I were church buddies so it was fun to be able to continue our little tradition.  The next time we're in church together will be for her wedding!

At home, Kait celebrated her birthday by blowing out the candles on her very own Wuollet's Enormous Lemon Bar.  It looked so delicious!

We continued our hockey weekend in St. Paul to welcome the Wild back to Minnesota after the lockout.  We grabbed dinner and drinks at Tom Reid's before the game.  It was just good for hockey to be back.  You can just feel the relief in people.  We won and Zach Parise scored his first MN goal!

Kait and another native Minnesotan, Snoopy!

So blurry but K and I at the game!
On Monday, we said goodbye to Kait and thanks to our lovely weather, she may never come back.  -11.  And that's not even counting the windchill.  Ugh.

Thanks for an amazing weekend, Kait!  


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