Monday, December 17, 2012

Merry and Bright: The Naughty List

This post is for sure getting me on the naughty list.  I obviously love the holidays season (here, here, and here), so don't get me wrong but sometimes some things get a little old.  In fact, they make me cringe.

Disclaimer:  This is my opinion.  If you love anything on this list, good for you!  For whatever reason, I don't.  Don't judge me. Hell, go ahead and judge.  I'll judge you for liking this crap. ;)

Here are 5 things on my Naughty List 
(aka Things I Despise about the Holidays):

1. The claymation movies - People around the world love these movies but I just can't get on board this crazy train.  Give me real animation any day.  


2. A Christmas Story - I just don't get it.


3. Terrible Christmas songs like Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer, anything by the Chipmunks, the awful Hippopotomas song, and any version of Feliz Navidad.  My ears are bleeding just thinking about these songs.


4. Crowds - people, just move out of my way.


5. Snowbabies - these just creep me out.  What is the point?  Seriously, can someone tell me the appeal in these things?


Alright, what's on your Naughty List?  


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