Sunday, December 9, 2012

Merry and Bright: Our Christmas Tree.

Real or fake.  This time of year, everyone falls into one or two camps.  A real fresh Christmas tree or a fake efficient one.  For years, I have been a friend of the fakes.  It's easy, perfect every year, and shed proof.  What's not to love?  

My family used to rally with the reals.  But then one year we had The Incident.  Our tree stand leaked and our carpet grew mold for a month before we realized it.  Terrible.  From then on, we became a fake family.
But now K and I are celebrating Christmas together.  And he comes from a line of reals.  And now as we are starting our new traditions, we decided to go for the real deal.

The Sunday after Thanksgiving, K and I drove out to Hansen Tree Farm in Ramsey.  For a rookie real tree like me, Hansen's  is the best!  They give you a map and a saw.  They shake it, wrap it, and tie it to your car for you.  All you have to do is find the perfect tree.

We searched for about an hour, scouring the fields for our perfect tree.  It needed to be tall and full, Not too many gaps we couldn't hide, and well, it had to feel right.

And then, there it was.  Our tree.

K quickly chopped it down and I made us pose for pictures with our beautiful real tree.

We spent the rest of the night decorating the tree.  I just love it.  It smells delicious and fills the space wonderfully.  I did put up my little fake tree in the dining room.  Old traditions die hard, ya know.

Here's the before and after:

So, do you rally with the reals or are you a friend of the fakes?  

Merry Christmas!


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  1. This is so similar to Adam & I! I come from a long line of fake tree people {my mom even built their new house around her idea to keep it in a closet and simply wheel it 5 feet out into the family room each year} and Adam comes from a long line of real trees. Three years ago, as we were preparing for our first Christmas a couple, he protested for me to get a real Christmas tree. I haven't looked back since! I am now OBSESSED with a real Christmas tree. Loved this post! Adorable pictures as always!


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