Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye to 2012.

Whoa.  This is my 300th post for Life. Law. Luck. - can you believe it?!  When I started this little blog during law school, I had no idea that I would love blogging so much!  It never fails to make my day when someone tells me they read my blog.  So, a huge thank you to all of you for reading and sticking around!

In saying goodbye to 2012, I thought it would be a good time to look back on the highlights of the year.  It was a big one for me but I'm not sad to see it go.  2012 felt like the year to tie up loose strings and wrap up some journeys.  2013 seems full of promise.  A year for new beginnings.  A year to make a splash.

2012 in Review

January:  K and I took a dream vacation to Hawaii.  I could definitely get used a beachy getaway from Minnesota winters.  Maybe next year!

February:  A tough month for us when we brought home Finnegan, only for him to pass away a week later.  We also attended our last law prom which was the beginning of the end of our law school journey.

March: K and I completed our first project together.  (The first of many I hope!)

April:  We had a fun date night, celebrated Easter Sunday at the lake, and spring finally arrived with the Macy's Flower Show.  I traveled to St. Louis and Arkansas with some of my fabulous sorority sisters for a Kappa wedding.

May:  We finally finished law school!  We celebrated graduation with our families - such a great feeling!  We wrapped up the month with a trip to the lake for Memorial Day.

June: Summer was in full swing and that means it's time for some Vodka Lemonades.  Anything to help studying for the bar to go by faster.  Oh, and I took my first trip to Chicago.

July:  Two weeks before the bar and I needed some motivation.  And then the bar exam was over.  Oh Happy Day!  Then it was time to cram as much summer into the next months as possible (i.e. Triathalon and Grilled Peaches

August:  Now that the awful bar exam was over, it was time to savor delicious meals with great friends.  But my absolute favorite day in August is the day we go to the Minnesota State Fair!!

September: K painted our front door red - I just love the pop of color.  It makes me so happy!  I also traveled to Ohio to facilitate Leadership Academy.  That was a bucket list item for me and was simply an amazing weekend.  We traveled to Hack for Carve for the Kids 2012.  And I started playing the waiting game.

October: We both passed the bar!  Best news ever.  I also shared all the progress we made on our yard.  Yard work was our study break from the bar and we got a lot accomplished this year!  I can't wait to see what it looks like in the spring!

November:  We hosted our first Friendsgiving (my new favorite tradition!) and spent Thanksgiving with my family up north.  K and I also started making progress on our ugly basement (part 1 and part 2).

December:  I went all Christmas up in here with my Merry and Bright series.  The blog got a new look and I finished up some outstanding resolutions.

So that's it - my 2012 highlights!  I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store.  I have a feeling it could be our year.


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