Monday, September 24, 2012

Carve for the Kids 2012

Over Labor Day, the hills of Hackensack were alive with the sound of chainsaws.  A local artist puts on the contest each year.  Artists create pieces for three days and then on the third afternoon, they auction everything off, with the funds going to programs for the kids of the area.  

If you are ever in Hack, check out his amazing store - Detour North Cabin Outfitters!  Amazing stuff!  One of my favorite pieces is the large statement piece outside the store with the bear and moose portaging a canoe.  I'm sure it's just a a matter of time before he finds the right home for these guys, but until then, the public gets to enjoy them!

Each piece is completely different, with each artist adding their own personal style.  This was the first time I was able to see them use the flames to create a burned-wood effect.

Skye, one of the artist's dog, watches from a far.  The middle piece was a crowd favorite at the auction and went for hundreds of dollars.

Inside the store, more detailed pieces are on display.  I just love the whimsical tortoise and bear!  The cardinals were actually made during the weekend, but they are just so pretty.  But my favorite is the skunk and the cooler.  How cool.

The auction drew a great turnout, with many of the pieces going for $500+.  Our crew didn't buy anything this weekend, but we that didn't stop us from looking!

Goodness, I love this town.  



  1. Hi Alexandra, This is Shauna from Detour North in Hack. I just found your blog about our carving from last September tonight and was wondering if its okay for me to post this onto our Facebook page? We are glad that you were able to attend our event. 2n annual is coming up on this labor day. Hope you can make it again.
    Chris and Shauna

    1. Hi Shauna and Chris! Absolutely! We had so much fun - hope to make it again this year! See you soon! Alex


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