Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Waiting Game.

Me and Spence, circa early 1990-something

Some days it is easy to play the waiting game.  Some days it is not so easy.  We're at this interesting crossroads in life.  Waiting on bar results.  Waiting to find a job.  Waiting to move forward.  

When you are waiting, it's easy to dwell on what you are waiting for, what you don't have.  But I am trying really hard to remember what I have right now.  And to be thankful for those blessings each day.

My love.

My family.

My friends.

My health.


A job that pays the bills.

So wait, I must.  But even if I have to wait forever, I know I am blessed right now.  I am so happy and content with this little life of mine.  


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