Monday, September 10, 2012

Chicago | Be The Person 2012.

In June, I made my first trip to Chicago for the Be The Person conference.  This week I've been catching up on all the things I was supposed to do over the summer.  Labor Day hit and I kind of went into panic mode.  

So, anyway, here are the photo highlights from my trip!

Scavenger Hunt on the streets of Chicago:

Dipping my toes in Lake Michigan.

My amazing scavenger hunt team!

Inspired by how people finish the sentence "The world would be better if..."

Seeing the sights of Chicago:

Part of the conference was held at Loyola's law school so I snuck into the courtroom to take a look.

Each attendee was give $5 to make someone's day.


My friend Janet gave hers to this adorable little boy.  I bought a homeless man named David dinner at McDonald's.

A bullet hole from St. Valentine's Day Massacre.



Loyola shout out to my people!

Kindness flash mob.

The awesome Kappa crew!

I honestly can't believe it took me 26 years to visit Chicago (Minneapolis isn't really that far...) and I can't wait to visit again!  Maybe this spring...


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