Monday, January 21, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things: January.

Happy Monday!  It's a cold one today here in Minnesota.  We'll be lucky if the temperature breaks 0 degrees today.  I'm starting a new series here on the blog highlighting some of my favorite things and I thought it only fitting I focus on skin care for January.  The cold can be pure evil on our skin.   Dry, chapped, cracked, static, and windburn - all words I despise this time of year.  While I don't use a ton of products, there are a few I swear by and I want to share them with you!

I use this as an extra moisturizer in the winter.  It's thick and hydrating which saves my face from drying out.  Which let's be real - dry skin looks good on no one.

The cold and wind can really take a toll on your hands this time of year.  I love Satin Hands because it moisturizes, exfoliates, and moisturizes again for long-term protection.  My hands always feel silky smooth which is way better than red and cracking hands.  I just love this set!

I keep a stick of mint chapstick in every coat pocket, every purse, and around the house.  I've been a fan of this stuff since grade school.  I love the minty freshness and it keeps my lips smooth and protected from the winter elements.  Love!

And one to keep your hair in check this winter:

Moroccan Oil is a newer product to me.  I must have been living under a rock but this stuff is freakin' amazing!  Just a few drops through wet hair before styling and it's bye bye static!  It tames my frizz and adds shine which is hard to come by in January.  This product is a miracle worker!  


So that's it, a few of my favorite things for January!  Do you have any products you swear by to save your skin/hair during the winter?


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