Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Biggest Loser: Episode 2.

I didn't realize Biggest Loser was starting with back to back episodes this week so I apologize that this is late!  But I watched the episode tonight and here's what I thought.

Notes from Episode 2 - The Curse of Week 2:

Ali Sweeney is a babe.

Crossfit scares me.  Those people are hardcore.

Isn't Pam the cutest with the bear claws / bear crawls mix up?!

I love how Jillian recognizes how inspiring this show is for people at home (like me!).

I hate that Lindsay was bullied when she was cheerleading and doing what she loved.  It makes me so mad and even more committed to my work with the CGL.

"Capslocks OMG."  Instant catchphrase.  Thank you, Michael.

Obviously I'm rooting for Alex based solely on her name.

So proud of Lisa for finishing her part of the challenge - that's awesome!  She has such a great attitude.

If you won the NFL Play60 Challenge, which football player would you invite to your school? K would pick someone like Sidney Rice or Calvin Johnson, someone who would have fun with it.  I'm not sure who I would pick.  Is Troy Aikman an option?!

Should we all try to take the Biggest Loser Fitness Test (aka the Presidential Fitness Test) this weekend?


I need a last chance workout in the worst way.  BodyPump, I'm coming for you.

That's it - no spoilers!  Are you watching this season too?  Who are your early favorites?


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